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We are a technology company developing products & services to boost results for e-commerce companies by intelligently leveraging generative AI.


Introducing Cognitionhub, a pioneering company launched in September 2023 by tech & e-commerce entrepreneur, Maz Darvish.

We bring together decades of hands on e-commerce expertise with data scientists, developers and creatives with the goal of developing and launching transformational, AI-Native composable commerce components to enhance the performance of e-commerce businesses.

We are launching at CogX Festival 2023


Generative AI has the potential to transform e-commerce operations in a high-impact fashion. Superior customer experience and greater personalisation are key to staying one step ahead of the competition.


We understand e-commerce and all the nuances that need to be handled to ensure AI transformation achieves profit enhancing results.


If you're experiencing a particular pain point in your mid to enterprise sized e-commerce business, talk to us! We're happy to explore how AI could address some of your challenges!

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